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    20 de julho de 2015

     Só porque hoje é o Dia do Amigo e amizade é fundamental em todos os momentos da vida… A música é do White Stripes.

    Fall is here, hear the yell
    back to school, ring the bell
    brand new shoes, walking blues
    climb the fence, books and pens
    I can tell that we’re going to be friends

    Walk with me, Suzy Lee
    through the park and by the tree
    we will rest upon the ground
    and look at all the bugs we found
    then safely walk to school without a sound

    Well here we are, no one else
    we walked to school all by ourselves
    there’s dirt on our uniforms
    from chasing all the ants and worms
    we clean up and now it’s time to learn

    Numbers, letters, learn to spell
    nouns, and books, and show and tell
    at playtime we will throw the ball
    back to class, through the hall
    teacher marks our height
    against the wall

    And we don’t notice any time pass
    we don’t notice anything
    we sit side by side in every class
    teacher thinks that I sound funny
    but she likes the way you sing

    Tonight I’ll dream while I’m in bed
    when silly thoughts go through my head
    about the bugs and alphabet
    and when I wake tomorrow I’ll bet
    that you and I will walk together again
    ’cause I can tell that we’re going to be friends


    Venha até uma das lojas Zendron e conheça nossos produtos. Dúvidas? Entre em contato ao lado!

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